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Patient Bill of Rights

When it comes to delivery of your health care and service at the Center, you have certain rights and expectations.

This section explains your rights and some of our responsibilities to help you.

The River Valley Health & Dental Center (“Center”) is committed to providing high quality care that is fair, responsive, and accountable to the needs of our patients and their families. We are committed to providing our patients and their families with a means to not only receive appropriate health care and related services, but also to address any concerns they may have regarding such services.


We encourage all of our patients to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and to take an active role in maintaining and improving their health and strengthening their relationships with our health care providers.


Please ask us questions that you might have. You may also contact the Compliance Officer for any further questions, issues or concerns that you may have.


Karla Sexton

Compliance Officer


Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities

Customer Service Promise

“Our Mission is to Serve the Whole Person”



  • We will smile and greet you in a friendly manner 

  • We will introduce ourselves, address you by name and clearly display our name badges 

  • We will knock before entering your room and state our purpose for visiting 



  • We will act in the best interest of others and take accountability for doing the right thing 

  • We will be truthful in word and action 

  • We will admit mistakes and take corrective action without taking it personally 



  • We will offer explanations, not excuses and be courteous to our patient’s needs 

  • We will inform the patient of the care they will receive and the respective time frames 

  • We will strive to anticipate patient and/or coworker needs at all times



  • We will work as a TEAM to collaborate, manage differences and work toward success 

  • We will encourage and congratulate others on a job well done 

  • We will go above and beyond what is required of us 



  • We will use our time and resources wisely and take care of the each other

  • We will work productively and take accountability for our actions

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