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Care Team / Quality Healthcare

River Valley Health and Dental Center understands health can be difficult to manage. At RVHDC, we can provide additional support and coordination to patients between doctor visits. Team members assist patients in chronic disease management and linking to services to improve outcomes. RVHDC’s care team assists patients in coordinating their care and reducing costly ER visits and hospitalizations. Our team works together to manage patients and ensure they are getting the care and services needed through navigation, coordination, education, counseling and support.

Key members of RVHDC’s care coordination team:


  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Registered Nurse

  • Health Educators

  • Behavioral Health Specialist

  • Community Navigators



Care Team Functions:


  • Assist patients in setting goals and action plans

  • Assess risk factors and barriers to care

  • Provide follow up between visits regarding referrals, tests, medications, orders and upcoming appointments to improve compliance

  • Monitor emergency room utilization

  • Provide education to decrease emergency room visits and manage health conditions

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