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Care Coordination Services

We are now offering Care Coordination Services!

This program has proven that participation can improve outcomes. Leaving you feeling healthier, happier, and with an overall improved quality of life.

  • Dedicated Care Coordinators & Nurses

  • Easy to Reach by Phone

  • Familiar With Your Chart

  • Medicare Covered Service

  • Individualized Care Plans

  • Medical Record Consolidation

Did you know?

If you have two conditions that will last for more than 12 months, (like asthma, highblood pressure, diabetes, etc.) you may qualify to receive Care Coordination benefits.This means a dedicated care coordinator, following a care plan individualized to you by your provider, will reach out to you regularly by phone.

Set personal goals, learn more about your conditions, ask medication questions, get all of your records in one place, have a caregiver educated about your conditions and more.

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