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Patient Financial Services

We Are Here to Help YOU!

Our well-trained team is here to assist you in navigating your balances owed for services provided.  We can offer customized payment plans, financial assistance applications, navigating PA Medicaid, and can even help you with navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace to help you manage your healthcare costs. Our number one goal is to work with you to develop successful payment arrangements to assist you in paying your obligations in full on a schedule that meets your individual needs.

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Patient Financial Services Representative

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Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program

Our sliding fee discount program consists of a schedule of discounts applied to our fee schedule, which adjusts fees based on a patient's ability to pay.  We will determine sliding fee eligibility based on your income and tax household size, then apply the appropriate sliding fee discount to all future visits.  In addition, we will apply retroactive discounts to visits up to 14 calendar days prior to the date of your application. The eligibility is good for one year from the date of your application and you will have to re-apply to be eligible to continue to receive the discount. We will send a renewal application to all active sliding fee scale program participants within 2 months of expiration to aid in ensuring there is no lapse in coverage of the sliding fee scale program discounts.

Listing of required, acceptable supporting documents for household earned and unearned income:

  1. One Full Month of Paystubs (Based on check date, all check stubs must be for a calendar month)

  2. Most Recently Filed Income Tax Return/W2's

  3. Unemployment Compensation Determination Letter or Printout

  4. Annual Social Security Determination Letter or Printout

  5. Child Support Statement from Domestic Relations or Printout

  6. Letter from employer stating wages and hours worked each pay period

  7. Pension or Retirement Income

  8. Interest Income

  9. Self-Declaration Statement (Please see a member of Financial Services for Self-Declaration Statement)

SFS 2020.JPG

Any and all of aforementioned supporting documents pertaining to your household earned and unearned income are required, along with the completed Sliding Fee Scale application, to be considered for sliding fee discount program.

* If you will be returning your documents through the mail, please send them to:

River Valley Health and Center Center

Attention: Financial Services

471 Hepburn Street, Williamsport, PA  17701

*If you choose to drop them off, you may do so at:

River Valley Health & Dental Center

471 Hepburn Street, Williamsport, PA  17701

Please provide COPIES of all documents, as we do not mail them back to you.

You may be required to speak with a patient financial services representative to help with payment options, discount programs and other resources that you may not already know are available.

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