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Health Education

Staying healthy can be challenging. RVHDC’s health education team provides free patient education and chronic disease management to all center patients. Our health educators provide one on one education and follow-up support on many health topics and conditions including

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Smoking cessation

  • Nutrition, physical activity and weight management

  • Stress

  • Asthma

  • Reproductive health

  • Medication management

  • Prevention and wellness

Have a Health Related Question?

Send a confidential message to our professional healthcare staff.  We will look into your question and reply with an answer.

If this is an Emergency, please

DIAL:  911

What can I expect from the River Valley Health and Dental Center, Health Education Team?


RVHDC’s health education team provides comprehensive health education and support focused around you. Let RVHDC’s team help you set and reach your health goals. The team provides education about your care in language you can understand. RVHDC’s health educators will work with you to empower you to take action in managing and improving your health. Our educators are more than happy to meet with you face to face during office visits or scheduled education visits. 


See below for more information on managing these important health topics. 

Our educators can also connect patients to area organizations and programs for further support. The health education team at RVHDC provides self-management education and support to ensure patients can effectively manage their health.  


Emily Drick, MHA, CHES

Health Education Coordinator

QA/QI Manager

Sara Beckman

Patient & Community Education Specialist

Teen Resource Center







Health Education Links

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