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Safe Sitter®

Safe Sitter® Training is scheduled for August 9 & 15. Safe Sitter® is a comprehensive babysitting program that teaches life and safety skills to young teens, grades six to eight. Students learn everything they need to know to be safe when they’re home alone, watching younger siblings or babysitting. Students learn life-saving skills, such as how to rescue someone who is choking and helpful information like what to do if there is severe weather. In collaboration with UPMC Susquehanna RN, Robin Dawson, Lisa Fogelman, River Valley Health Educator will provide Safe Sitter® trainings at the Life Center, which is a registered Safe Sitter® Teaching site. Additional classes are also tentatively planned for November 28 & December 28. The fee for Safe Sitter® Essentials is $30 and includes the official Safe Sitter® Babysitter’s Handbook. Scholarships are available based on need. Seating is limited. For more information contact Lisa Fogelman (570) 567-5400, ext. 423.

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